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2018 - 2019 Season

19 - 21 October 2018

Cubs Adventure Challenge
Involves taking part in two adventurous activities and trying six other outdoor activities. Also includes a walk of 1 - 2 hours. Have you tried – water rockets, archery, rope making, or a blind trail?



Scouts Chef
Create a menu, light your own fire and then cook several meals, but don’t forget the washing up afterwards. You can earn this badge twice in one weekend both outdoors and inside.


23 - 25 November 2018

Cubs Navigator Stage 2
How not to get lost! Come and improve your navigation skills and find our hidden treasure.



Scouts Pioneer
Learn new knots and lashings and then put them into practise by building a large pioneer structure. Then you can make good use of them by climbing all over.


Explorer Scouts Pioneer
To qualify for this Badge Explorer Scouts will build a scale pioneering model, take a lead role in building an outside pioneering project, such as an aerial runway or an hourglass tower, demonstrate two whippings and two splices, 10 knots, bends or hitches, four lashings, the use of simple blocks and tackle, anchorages for firm and soft ground as well as understanding the need for supervision in pioneering projects.


25 - 27 January 2019

Cubs Pioneer
Learn the skills needed to build projects from wood and rope. Whose project will fire the furthest, whose will be the largest, and whose will take the most weight? Learn those easy and not so easy knots and lashings



Scouts Forester
Learn all about how different woodlands are managed and how to use an axe and saw. Learn to identify trees and how to transplant young trees.



Scouts Expedition Challenge 1st weekend
Enjoy two challenging and interesting cross country hikes using map and compass skills. You also need to complete a project about the area you are visiting.

This course takes two weekends to complete.

Minimum age 12 years OR 11 years if passed Navigator Stage 3.


22 - 24 February 2019

Cubs Environmental Conservation
Learn all about alternative energy and water conservation. Discover how man has damaged our planet and what you can do to make things better.
Note that for Environmental Conservation Cubs have to do a project before they come to the weekend.

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Cubs Navigator Stage 3
Improve on the skills you learnt in Stage 2. Learn all about maps (including edible ones) and take part in our hike challenge.

Minimum age 9 years or have completed the Navigator - Stage 2 badge.

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Scouts Navigator Stage 3
This badge is aimed at younger Scouts. The Scouts will learn about contours and map references amongst other things, they will also take part in a hike.

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TBA March 2019

Scouts Expedition Challenge 2nd weekend
The second weekend for this badge. Scouts will undertake a two day expedition which is held away from Lyons Copse, including a night away at a campsite.

Scouts Expedition Challenge Weekend 1 is a pre-requisite for Weekend 2.

Minimum age 12 years OR 11 years if passed Navigator Stage 3.


12 - 14 April 2019

Cubs Chef
Learn about healthy eating, how to be safe in the kitchen and cook and serve a 2 course meal inside.

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Cubs Backwoods Cooking
Learn how to light a fire and cook your own lunch safely.

Cubs take both courses in the same weekend.



Scouts Camper
Pitch your tent, camp under canvas for 2 nights, cook a meal and learn how to make various gadgets.
15 nights away under canvas as a Scout is required to achieve this badge, but it is not a pre requisite to attending the course.

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Scouts Survival Skills
Spend a night in the shelter you have built. Build a fire to keep yourself warm, learn what plants are safe to eat and how to skin a rabbit.

Minimum age twelve years old.

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PLEASE NOTE: All courses are liable to cancellation if there are insufficient numbers applying to participate in them.

Further information or make a booking

For further information or to reserve a place on one of the above courses please click on the link next to the course details to send an email to Scissors.

Hampshire Scouts Registered Charity Number: 1015788

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