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Scout Pro-Badge Courses

These are the badge courses available to Scouts, some courses take more than one weekend.

If you would like more info please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Also, you can download our Information for Scouts leaflet.


Record of Achievement: Records of Achievements have been produced for all Scout activity badges and are designed to indicate the areas that a Scout has either passed or is yet to achieve. At the end of the course the Scout will receive a Record of Achievement and it is the responsibility of the Scout leader to obtain and present the badge.

Costs: The cost for Scout courses is 40.00 per weekend. This will be reduced to 35.00 if paid in full to Pro-Badge at least two weeks before the start of the course. The price includes all training, food and accommodation for the weekend.

Dates: Course dates can be found on our What's on When? page.

Bookings: To book a course or receive further information please send us an email.

Further details: Click on the badge to go to the appropriate Scout Association web page. Pro-Badge are not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.


Details: The ability to cross-country navigate using a map and compass, carrying all necessary equipment. The completion of route cards and a knowledge of emergency procedures. This course takes three weekends to complete and has minimum age of 12 years.


Details: The study of wildlife over two seasons in a given area, including all flora and fauna, and compiling a field report and study log. The course takes two weekends to complete.


Details: The art of knotting and lashing, demonstrating the ability through various construction projects.

Survival Skills

Details: The art of survival in rough and wild conditions, to demonstating the ability to build shelters, fire lighting and rescue skills.
Find and use wild plants.
Filtering and purifying of water.
The cooking of animals.
Minimum age 12 years.


Details: The ability to "Scout Camp", involving the choice and layout of sites, striking and pitching tents, camp hygiene, camp cooking, and other knowledge necessary for successful camping.

Camp Cook

Details: Knowledge of wood, fire lighting, menus, food preparation and cooking, and the care of utensils. Cook and serve the menu that they have created.

Campsite Service

Details: The ability to assist in the running of a campsite, including computers, man management, and the maintenance and care of the site.
This course takes two weekends to complete.
The Camper Activity Badge is required to achieve this badge, but it not a pre-requisite to attending the course.
Mininum age 12 years.

Outdoor Challenge

Details: Essential skills for those heading for the outdoors. The basics of camp life, and a good introduction to Pro-Badge.

Global Conservation

Details: The ability to understand and communicate to others conservation ideas and problems, explainning the need for conservation on a national and world concept.
Course takes two weekends to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: All courses are liable to cancellation if there are insufficient numbers applying to participate in them.

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